What Multiplication Games Are Offered on Math Magician?

On Math Magician, the types of multiplication games are multiplication facts for the different times table. Practice tests on multiplying numbers are also available. The tests are timed, and students have to answer a certain number of questions during a set time period.

Math Magician is an interactive math game provided by the Oswego City School District under its resources for students. This is a game that helps students with math skills on topics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The game gives children in lower grade levels the ability to practice and learn different math facts on these math operations.

To learn multiplication math facts, students take timed tests on the different times table that range from 0 to 10. The tests can have 20 or 50 questions that students answer in either 1 minute or 2.5 minutes, respectively. When children finish the test, they can get an award that can be printed out. After students master the multiplication facts, they can move on to learn division facts.

This is a resource that other schools can also use to strengthen math skills in division, subtraction and addition. Similarly, students can take practice tests on mixed multiplication and division facts. There are also practice tests for addition and subtraction.