How Much Time Should Elementary School Kids Spend Studying?


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Elementary school kids should spend 10 minutes on homework and studying per grade. For example, a child that is in third grade should spend about 30 minutes studying each evening.

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Organizations such as the National Education Association have endorsed the 10-minute rule. It begins in first grade; children in this grade should only be studying and working on homework for 10 minutes each day. Ten minutes is added for every grade, so second graders have 20 minutes of study time, fourth graders have 40 minutes of study time and so on. A 12th grader should have no more than two hours of study time every night.

It is up to parents to consider their own children’s abilities and how long it takes them to complete assignments since every child is different. If a child in second grade has 40 minutes of homework, it might be time to talk to the teacher about possibly reducing how much work is given each day. Recent studies show that many younger children have far more homework than they should have at their grade levels. First graders have the same amounts as third and fourth graders. Even kindergarteners spend up to 25 minutes each night on homework, which is excessive for such as a low grade level.

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