How Much Do Online MBA Programs Cost?

much-online-mba-programs-cost Credit: iStock

Completion of an MBA program can help drive further career success, give individuals valuable business skills and help boost salary. For individuals who are not able to commit to two to three years of full time school, online MBA programs are a great option.

Many online MBA programs are as expensive as the equivalent on-campus program. However, online programs can help save money in other ways, through lower resource fees and less money spent on transportation. Students of online programs can usually also pay in-state tuition rates even if they do not currently live in the state where the program is based.

While the most expensive tuition for online MBA programs is likely to be around $112,482, the median tuition price is $23,000 and the least expensive programs average out at $3,543. This spread in cost means that there’s an online MBA for every income level and price point.