What Are Some Motivational Team Names?

The A Team, Best of the Best, Team Dynamo, the Titans, and Cream of the Crop are examples of motivational team names. Movers and Shakers, Hot Stuff and Mint Condition are other suggestions from Team-Building-Bonanza.com.

Many teams use animal names, such as Cobras, Dolphins, Sharks, Bears or Tigers. Combining a place name or a color with an animal name is a common way to make the team name more distinct and memorable. Examples include Denver Tigers, Memphis Eagles, Golden Bears or Blue Cobras.

Team names for the workplace may be fun and friendly or more competitive. Examples of fun, but motivational, names are Team Extreme, Cubicle Force, Quick Silvers and Water Cooler Whiz. Killer Instinct, the Dominators, No Pain No Gain, and the Fury are names that inspire competition. These names work equally well for sports teams.

Some team names for the workplace refer to the job at hand. These names may be playful, such as Bean Counters, No Bean Left Behind, Nuts and Bolts, or You Know the Drill, while others are more competitive, such as Venture Kings, Master Minds or the Entrepreneurs.

Names that may intimidate the opposition include Crushers, the Annihilators, and Direct Hit. Another option is naming teams after TV shows or movies. Hard Target, Maximum Risk, and the Avengers are examples.