What Are Some Monthly Bulletin Board Themes?


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Some monthly bulletin board themes include snowflakes, a birthday graph and cubby people. Teachers can make these bulletin boards by themselves or get students to help participate. All of these ideas can lead to classroom work.

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Snowflakes as a bulletin board theme offers teachers the chance to show their students how each of them are different. Instead of doing all the work, teachers can get students to make and decorate their own snowflakes to show how all the students are unique. Teachers can use the snowflakes as part of a later writing project.

A birthday graph themed bulletin board is a great ice breaker for teachers and students at the beginning of the school year. Colored fabric or construction paper can create the graph. Assigning names to each month makes it easy for students to see when everyone's birthday is. This bulletin board theme also doubles as a math lesson in adding, averaging or using graphs.

Cubby people are a non-traditional bulletin board theme. On the first day of school, teachers hand a blank people-graphic form to each child. The child adds clothes in a favorite color or style. Teachers can take pictures of each child and add a face to each form. Once the person is complete, the teacher hangs the cubby person over each child's cubby.

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