What Is the MobyMax Teaching System?

What Is the MobyMax Teaching System?

MobyMax is a teacher tools system that is fully integrated with the Common Core curriculum used in grades K-8. It creates a customized curriculum for each student based on personal skills, and measures performance on every standard in the Common Core.

In addition to providing a customized learning experience, the MobyMax teaching system creates differentiation in the classroom. Its adaptive curriculum delivers an individualized plan for each individual, enabling gifted students to advance as quickly as they wish, while ensuring that other students receive the extra attention they require.

This system is designed to help students become better problem solvers and critical thinkers. It also allows students to think and figure things out rather than merely be told. The MobyMax is supposed to be more effective because it engages the learners and helps them better retain concepts.

MobyMax helps teachers save a lot of time. Through MobyMax, instructors can monitor their students? progress in real time so that they know how each student is doing. In addition, teachers can break down and analyze data by school, district, student and class.

MobyMax is a revolutionary system, as it is the first touch curriculum produced for the tablet. Many elementary students from various parts of the world believe that using touch curriculum on tablets is way more engaging and enjoyable than using it on laptops. Those who have taken advantage of the MobyMax teaching system have experienced the difference between reading about an idea and touching the idea.