What Is a Misogynist?


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A misogynist is a person who has a strong distaste or hatred for women. An individual may also be called a misogynist if that person mistreats or distrusts women.

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What Is a Misogynist?
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The word "misogynist" has Latin roots. The word is formed by combining the prefix "miso-," which means to hate or hater, with the root "gyne," which means woman.

The word "misogynist" is a noun that is almost exclusively used to describe a person. Related words include the adjective "misogynistic." This word can be used as an adjective to describe a person, as in "He is very misogynistic." It can also be used to describe an act or regulation: for example, "It wasn't surprising that he did that. It's just part of his misogynistic ways."

The noun "misogyny" is also related to the word "misogynist". This noun is used to label the act of being prejudiced against, or in another way disliking, women. This form of the word is often used when speaking of a larger systemic problem instead of an individual. For example, one could use the word misogyny if one were describing a community, saying "There were problems with the way women were treated throughout the community. Misogyny was rampant."

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