What Are Some Facts About Minnetonka Public Schools?


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Minnetonka Public Schools includes kindergarten through 12th grade schools located in Minnetonka, Minnesota. These schools offer nutrition programs, special education programs, a parent education program to assist parents in meeting the nutritional and educational needs of their students, and transportation services to all local students, according to Minnetonka Public Schools.

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There are approximately 9,000 students enrolled in the Minnetonka public school district, as of December 2015, according to Neighborhood Scout. There are ten public schools in the district with an average classroom size of 17 students per class, as compared to the state average of 16 students per class.

88.8 percent of the students in the Minnetonka school district are considered white, while 72.8 percent of students enrolled in all public schools across Minnesota identify this way. 2.3 percent of Minnetonka public school students are considered black, 3 percent Hispanic, 4.4 Asian or Pacific Islander and 0.4 percent are considered Alaskan natives or American Indians. 7.9 percent of students in the Minnetonka school district are considered economically disadvantaged, while 36.9 percent of all students across the state of Minnesota are considered economically disadvantaged. The instructional expenditures per student in this district come to $6,441 compared to the Minnesota state average of $6,960.

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