What Are Some Free Middle School English Worksheets?


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English worksheets at websites such as SchoolFamily.com, K12Reader.com, EnglishForEveryone.org and ASU.edu are free and include resources for middle-school students. Worksheets specific to teaching English as a second language are available at UsingEnglish.com.

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English worksheets commonly cover topics such as grammar, vocabulary and composition. For example, SchoolFamily.com offers worksheets covering aspects of grammar such as punctuation, as well as worksheets designed to practice reading skills and inference. These worksheets can be downloaded and printed for classroom use.

Websites are often organised by grade level, as in K12Reader.com. English worksheets for grades six, seven and eight are easily accessible via their menus. The worksheets are available for download and to print, and cover topics such as prepositional phrases, sentence diagramming and composition in specialist forms such as haiku. On the other hand, EnglishForEveryone.org contains resources and worksheets suitable to all levels. The site offers practice sheets on a wide variety of topics such as reading comprehension, verb tenses and punctuation; it also explains each subject in detail.

The grammar practice sheets available at ASU.edu are aimed at classroom teachers. Using these sheets, available for free download, teachers can train students thoroughly in grammatical concepts such as modals, apostrophes and double negatives.

Worksheets specific to learners of English as a second language are available at UsingEnglish.com. The worksheets cover beginner, intermediate and advanced level topics. Examples of practice topics include phrasal verbs, articles, adjectives, prepositions and conjunctions. The handouts on this website are available as online quizzes or as printable documents. Answer keys are also provided for each section.

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