What Are Some Microsoft Projects for Students?

What Are Some Microsoft Projects for Students?

Some projects for students that use Microsoft applications are writing illustrated stories in Word, creating charts and graphs in Excel, using PowerPoint slides for an oral presentation and making greeting cards and brochures in Publisher. Project instructions can specify which features of the Microsoft application the students must use, such as formatting margins and spell check in Microsoft Word.

For a Microsoft Word story project, students can write stories based on a starter prompt or a list of spelling or vocabulary words. They can illustrate them with clip art, photos and word art. The teacher may require a certain font, page layout and other elements to ensure students know how to use them.

Excel spreadsheet projects involve creating calendars and game score sheets, tracking the weather in different countries and comparing the data, and entering and analyzing sociology observations. Students use the sorting, calculation, fomatting and graphing features of Excel.

Teachers can assign oral presentations on topics such as book reports, world cultures, scientific discoveries and debate issues and have students accompany their presentations with PowerPoint. The slides can show bulleted lists of important points, add visual interest with illustrations and provide a framework for the speech. Students can get creative with the special effects.

Microsoft Publisher projects might include a get-well-soon card for a classmate or teacher out sick, brochures for a theme park, or posters for a school event.