Are Mexican Spanish Names Different From Peruvian Spanish Names?


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The Spanish naming conventions in Mexico and Peru are the same, with each mandating that names be given in three parts. These comprise the first or given name of the child, their father's first surname and their mother's first surname. In Spanish, surnames are known as "apellidos."

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Are Mexican Spanish Names Different From Peruvian Spanish Names?
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For example, if a baby girl is given the name Maria by her parents, whose names are Angela Avila Vazquez and Gabriel Guerra Dominguez, the girl's full name, including her first and second apellidos, would be Maria Guerra Avila.

If her parents were married, the mother would traditionally substitute her husband's second apellido for her own. In this example, that would make the mother's name Angela Avila Dominguez, or else Angela Avila de Dominguez to make clear that it is a marital name.

While there is no fundamental difference between Mexican and Peruvian names in Spanish, there are differences between Spanish names and Peruvian names originating in the Quechua language. This indigenous tongue has long been common throughout Andean countries, and it was the primary language of the Inca empire. Although many Quechua surnames are dual like those in Spanish, they are distinctively Inca in style. Common examples from the highlands of Peru include Pachacutec, Sinchi Roca and Tupac Yupanqui. Nevertheless, Peruvians with Quechua surnames may have Spanish first or given names.

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