What Are Some Methods of Writing a Student Letter to a Principal?

methods-writing-student-letter-principal Credit: Image Source/Image Source/Getty Images

Students' letters to their school principal need to be written persuasively, clearly and with good grammar, spelling and punctuation. Typically students write letters to their principals as part of an effort to persuade their principals to take a specific course of action; sometimes the letter writing is part of an exercise. Students should focus on what they want and think through the best way to express their requests in order to get the desired response from the principal.

In writing a letter to their principal, students should first understand clearly what they hope to gain from the letter and should be able to define that in words. The letter must be respectful throughout and should use proper business letter format. The students need to outline an argument that clearly explains why their request is in the best interest of not only themselves, but also of the school. Any evidence they can bring to bear is helpful, especially evidence based on their own experiences and observations. Students should plan their letters before they write them, and they should be prepared to rewrite the letters based on feedback they get from their teachers and from other students. The letters should request a specific response from the principal and even a specific time in which they would like that response. The final step before delivering the letter is to proofread it carefully to make sure it contains no errors in grammar, spelling or punctuation.