What Are Some Methods to Practice Third-Grade Reading?


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One method to help children practice third-grade reading is turn it into a special activity. This can be done by the parent getting the child her own library card, reading books with her, giving her books as special gifts, and ensuring that books are very visible throughout their home.

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Another way to make a child enthusiastic about practicing third-grade reading is for the parent to encourage her interest in a book series such as Harry Potter or the Boxcar Children. The child is likelier to want to read the next book to continue the story of her favorite characters. An alternative approach is for the parent to seek out more books by the child's favorite author or to ask the local librarian for recommendations based on the child's previous interests.

A surprising way for parents to help children practice reading is to vocally describe events as they occur. Having conversations with the child during visits to new places, while cooking, or even after a TV show has ended provides her with valuable background knowledge that helps her understand and enjoy books. Parents should also encourage their child's curiosity about words and meaning by letting the child see them looking up word meanings in a dictionary. This helps the child see that she has the ability to learn about any words that make her curious.

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