How do you memorize the periodic table?


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You can memorize the periodic table by breaking it down into different groups and learning one section at a time. Practice by filling in blank tables, or create a song using the elements' symbols.

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Break the periodic table into small sections. You can categorize the elements by color, or you can memorize one column at a time. Rather than trying to memorize the entire table at once, master one group at a time until you have memorized the whole table. Use a printout of the periodic table to make notes.

Allow some free time between groups. Once you are confident that you have mastered a section, take some time off to do something else and then start memorizing a new group. Through practice and exposure, you can increase your chances of committing the table to your long-term memory. If you are an auditory learner, you can concoct a song or learn one that someone else has made.

You could also use a mnemonic device to help you remember the order of the elements: Make up a memorable phrase using the symbols or the first letters of the elements. This device works best for sections that give you the most trouble. You can assign a phrase to each column that gives you a hard time. Each individual learns differently, but through practice, the average learner can effectively memorize the periodic table.

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