How Do You Memorize Bible Verses?


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To memorize a Bible verse, first train your mind to understand and recall the text, and then use the first letter of each word as a guide to recite the speech from memory. It is important for the brain to be able to think about the text by recall before you attempt to memorize it.

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To train your mind to recall the verse, read it aloud a few times. Next, write out the text in your own handwriting. Read the verse again, and create a short outline for it. Finally, listen to someone else read it to you. Once you can recall most of the verse without referring back to it, you are ready to memorize it.

Go through the verse and copy out the first letter of every word in the passage. Include periods and other punctuation. Using this as a guide, practice reciting the verse. When you are stumped, back up a few letters to try again, or look ahead a few letters to stimulate your memory. Refer back to the original Bible verse when you are unable to go on. Repeat this procedure until you can recite the verse without looking at the first letter guide or the text.

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