What Is a Memorandum Letter?

A memorandum letter is a brief letter sent within a business to share information with employees. Companies use memorandum letters to share reports, provide instructions, announce changes and delegate tasks. "Memo" is a shortened form of memorandum.

Memorandum letters are usually sent to a large number of people, such as all employees or all of the members of a particular department. A good memo is brief, easy to understand and written with sensitivity toward all of the members of its intended audience. Because the receivers tend to be diverse, it is important that a memo consists of only information everybody needs to hear.

A memorandum letter starts with a subject line that clearly states its topic. Then comes an introductory paragraph that briefly shares the purpose of the communication. Subsequent paragraphs are short, and headings or bulleted lists are used where appropriate to organize information. Any expected objections to the information need to be briefly covered to minimize negative responses.

Memos clearly state the name of the sender and the name of the group of recipients. Quality memos also contain well developed thoughts that lead the receivers to action. They avoid abruptness and vagueness, and instead concisely and clearly state the necessary information.