What Are Some Memorable Phrases to Welcome Someone?

Some memorable phrases to welcome someone include, "It's a pleasure to have you," "I'm happy to see you," and "Thank you for being here." The word "welcome," followed by a person's name, or "welcome to," followed by a location, such as a home, business or city, are also appropriate welcome phrases.

Phrases such as "It's a pleasure to have you" and "I'm happy to see you" let guests know they are welcome and that the host is glad to receive them. These phrases also help guests feel comfortable and more likely to communicate their needs to the host. "Thank you for being here" is another welcoming phrase that reminds guests that the host appreciates them. Showing appreciation helps hosts build relationships with guests, increasing the likelihood of the guest returning.

The word "welcome" is another memorable way to acknowledge a guest's arrival to a home, business or location. Hosts can easily adapt phrases such as "Welcome, friend," "Welcome to my home," or "Welcome to our city" to a specific visitor or place.

Welcome phrases need not be limited to guests' arrival. Phrases such as "Is there anything I can do for you" during the visit help guests feel continuously welcomed, while saying "I look forward to seeing you again" upon departure shows additional hospitality.