What Is Medical School Like?


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Medical school is challenging and demanding, according to The Student Doctor Network. Medical students complete four years of rigorous course work and clinical experience before graduating and entering chosen residencies at hospitals.

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After completing an undergraduate degree, students must apply for acceptance into medical school. The application process is competitive, and students are up against some of the most talented and intelligent individuals in the country.

Once a student has been accepted into medical school, she begins a four-year journey of great challenge. Students are expected to treat medical school like a full-time job, and it is nearly impossible — and certainly discouraged — for them to have outside jobs. The first two years of medical school are spent in the classroom. Students start classes early in the morning (usually before 9 a.m.), stay until the late afternoon, and usually need to continue studying and reviewing until late in the evening.

The last two years of medical school are spent on clinical rotations. During this time, students develop hands-on experience in all of the major medical specialities. Not only does this allow them to develop their skills and knowledge of the medical practice but it also assists them in choosing their own specialties that they'll want to pursue upon graduation.

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