What Are Some Medical Research Topic Ideas?

Topic ideas for medical research range from abuse in nursing homes, appropriate elder care, organ donation and patient privacy rights to hormone therapies, health food products, autism and post-traumatic stress disorder. The information provided by medical research can help further the knowledge of medical professionals when treating patients.

When researching ideas for medical research, researchers should consider areas of interest, experience and proficiency. For example, pediatricians and child care providers may be interested in performing medical research on dangerous toys, sports injuries, vaccine shortages, sudden infant death syndrome or the effects of food additives. Whereas researchers interested in disease and illness may prefer to focus medical research on topics such as stress disorders, stem cells, skin cancer, sleeping disorders, sexually transmitted diseases and concussions. Holistic medicine topics are also common medical research topics, such as herbal medicinal treatments, health food products, infection control, inhalation therapy, meditation, aromatherapy, gene therapy, and mind and body connections. When evaluating research topics that involve pain management and disease prevention, such as pain tolerance, smoking cessation, Eastern medicine, patient education, the dangers of plastic surgery, anesthesia, rehabilitation, latex allergy risks, physical and occupational therapy strategies, and nutrition, may offer a wealth of information to medical professionals.