What Are Medical Aesthetician Schools?


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According to the Education Portal, a medical aesthetician is a state-licensed skincare specialist who works in a healthcare facility such as a doctor's office. A medical aesthetician's school is therefore an educational facility where applicants can study and train for a state board exam to receive a license to practice in this field.

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In order to start training as a medical aesthetician, one must have a high school diploma or a GED. Though no college credit is required in order to apply for this particular program, some applicants take college-level biology, anatomy and other science classes in addition to their medical aesthetician training. Applicants can also complete a 1,200-hour training program that covers the latest medical, scientific and technological advances in the field.

In order to be licensed in a particular state, applicants must complete an approved medical aesthetician training program and pass a state licensing exam. This always includes a written portion, and, in some states, it includes a practical test.Once licensed, a medical aesthetician may work in a doctor's office, hospital, care center or other medical facility. A medical aesthetician often assists in procedures such as medical peels, exfoliation treatments and photo light facials. Medical aestheticians' salaries vary, but as of 2014 the national average sits at around $31,720, according to the Education Portal.

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