What Measures Does Virginia College Take to Ensure the Student Portal Is Secure?


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The Virginia College student portal requires a unique username and password to log in, and alsorequires students to adhere to a strict set of rules and regulations in order to keep their information safe and secure. In case of a lost password or username, an email is sent to the account used at the time of setup.

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Virginia College students are required to read and sign the computer guidelines before logging in tothe student portal using campus Wi-Fi or any technology equipment that belongs to the school.

No software programs or files of any type can be downloaded, copied, executed or installed onto a school computer. The school network is not for personal use, therefore, personal emails are not allowed orthe use of social media platforms and viewing content that is not related to school work, such as games, entertainment news or pornography.

Homework is to be saved on a disk, never on the hard drive, unless directly instructed to do so by a professor. Any CD, DVD or floppy disk that is placed inside the school's computer must be properly scanned for viruses first.

The school computer must remain in the same condition as when it was issued to the student at all times, meaning the CMOS must not be adjusted, including changing icons, background images or other personal controls.

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