What Are the Meanings of Popular Slang Phrases?


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Popular slang phrases in English include "to hang out," meaning to spend time together, "to be beat" and "to be pooped," both meaning to be tired. Others include "chill out," meaning both to spend time together and as an admonition to relax, and "have a blast," meaning have fun.

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The meanings of slang phrases in English are typically tied to context, so learning a new slang phrase in English is often a matter of understanding the situation and being able to read the emotions of the speaker. For example, if one man spies another sitting in a new BMW, he might say "nice wheels," "nice ride," or "nice whip," all in reference to the car. An English learner should at least be able to infer from the context that those words all referred to a car.

In another example of popular slang, the word "bad" sometimes means "very good." The intent is to express the idea that something is so good that it reaches the point of being bad. Usually when this happens, the speaker puts a lot of emphasis on the word, as in "Awesome explosions, great camera angles, and the superior acting of Dwayne Johnson....man, that movie was baaad."

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