What Are Some Meanings of Names in the Christian Bible?


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Examples of meanings for names found in the Christian Bible include Jason, which means "to heal;" Jethro, which means "abundance;" and Benjamin, which means "son of the right hand." Other names include Bathsheba, which means "daughter of the oath," and Asher, which means "happy" or "blessed."

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What Are Some Meanings of Names in the Christian Bible?
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The majority of Biblical names in the Old Testament trace their origins to the Hebrew language, which is the language used to write many of the books in the Old Testament. Many Biblical names in the New Testament trace their origins to Greek words, such as Alexander, which is a Latinized form of the name Alexandros, meaning, "defending men." A number of New Testament names are Roman in origin, such as Cornelius, an Ancient Roman family name that historians and Biblical scholars trace to the Latin morpheme "cornu" meaning "horn."

BehindTheName.com publishes a comprehensive list of biblical names. Most of these names are personal names referring to individuals who play some role in biblical stories, but the site includes a select number of personal titles and place names. The website also includes the previous names of individuals who changed their names as a result of the events described in the Bible, such as Abednego, the original Babylonian name for Azariah. Abednego means "servant of Nebo" in Akkadian.

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