What Are the Meanings of Some Common Feminine Arabic Names?


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Some common feminine Arabic names are Aisha, meaning “lively,” Amina, meaning “honest,” Aaliyah, meaning “exalted,” and Fatima, meaning “one who abstains.” Most of these names have variations in spelling but the meaning does not change.

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The name "Aaliyah" is the feminine form of the name "Ali." It means the “highest social standing” or “exalted one.” Many people spell Aaliyah as “Aliyah.”

"Aisha” means “lively” or “one who is alive.” The name also means “food,” “wheat” or “bread” and is symbolic of the sustenance of life. Prophet Muhammad's third and favorite wife, known as the “mother of believers," had the name Aisha. She became an important political and religious figure after his death and consequently the name became very popular. “Aeesha” is a variation of the name Aisha.

The name “Amira” means “princess” or “cultivated one.” It comes from the name “Amir” which means “prince” or “ruler.” Variations of the name include “Ameara” and “Amearah.”

“Amina” means “truthful” or “honest.” It is the feminine form of “Amin,” which means “faithful,” “truthful” and “trustworthy.” Prophet Muhammad’s mother had the name Amina. “Aamena” and “Aamina” are variants of the name.

“Fatima” means “chaste,” or "one who abstains." The youngest and favorite daughter of Prophet Muhammad had the name Fatima. It is a variant of the Arabic name “Fateema.”

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