What Are the Meanings of Some Common Biblical Names?


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The Biblical meaning of the name Aaron is "a teacher" or "mountain of strength." The name Isaiah means "the salvation of the Lord," while the name Jacob means "cheater" or "one who supplants, undermines."

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Many common names have Biblical origins, such as Abraham, meaning "father of a great multitude," Benjamin, meaning "son of the right hand," David, meaning "well-beloved" or "dear," John, meaning "the grace or mercy of the Lord" and Luke, meaning "luminous" or "white." Some popular but less common names include Abel, meaning "vanity," Asher, meaning "happiness," Elijah, meaning "God the Lord," Ethan, meaning "strong" and Josiah, meaning "the fire of the Lord." The name of the first man in the Bible was Adam and his name means "earthy" or "red."

Some of the names of the angels mentioned in the Bible include Gabriel, which means "God is my strength" and Michael, which means "humble." The names of the disciples and apostles of Jesus include Andrew, meaning "a strong man," Mark, meaning "polite," Matthew, meaning "a reward," Peter, meaning "a rock or stone" and Stephen, meaning "crowned." Some interesting, but recognizable names from the Bible include Boaz, meaning "in strength," Jair, meaning "one who diffuses light," Jordan, meaning "the river of judgment," Solomon, meaning "peaceable" or "perfect" and Zachariah, meaning "memory of the Lord."

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