What Are the Meanings Behind the Most Popular Chinese Names?


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Many of the popular Chinese given names have meanings that express strength, courage, elegance and other virtuous qualities. Because of the variety of scripts used in the Chinese language, the same name can have several meanings, depending on whether it is a male or a female that carries the name.

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What Are the Meanings Behind the Most Popular Chinese Names?
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Over a million people in China have the given name Wei, the most common given name in the country. This name, usually given to men, can represent power, strength and greatness. However, when given to a female, it takes on the meaning of either "small" or "like a rose." Li is another name that changes meaning by gender. As a male name, it represents logic and power; however, Li as a feminine name represents beauty.

Over 700,000 people, mostly women, have the two-name combination Xiu Ying. Xiu expresses beauty and elegance, while Ying represents courage and endurance. A smaller number use the combination Xiu Lan, which means "beautiful orchid." Another common female name is Fang, which means "aroma," "fragance" or "virtue."

Min and Ming are two other common Chinese names. Min expresses cleverness and sharpness of mind, while Ming represents brightness and clearness. Min is usually given to females, and Ming to males, although both genders use the name. Jing is another common name, usually used by females. It can express tranquility and peacefulness. However, it can also mean "perfect," "clear" or "crystal."

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