What Are the Meanings of Baby Names?

What Are the Meanings of Baby Names?

What Are the Meanings of Baby Names?

Emma is old German for "whole" or "universal." Liam means "protector" and "strong-willed warrior." Olivia is the feminized version of Oliver, which means "olive tree." Noah is a Hebrew name meaning "comfort" and "rest." Sophia comes from Greek and means "Wisdom." Ava means "bird" in Latin.

Emma first gained popularity in the 19th century.

Liam is the short form of Uillam, which is an Irish name that originated from Frankish Willahelm. It can also be a shorter version of "William."

William Shakespeare was the first to use the name Olivia and did so in Twelfth Night.

In the well-known biblical story, God picks Noah to create an ark and fill it with food, as well as a female and male of Noah animal on Earth. He did this to survive a massive flood.

Sophia was a common name among European royalty during the Middle Ages. Sofia and Sophie are common variations.

Ava is a variation of Eve, which some people believe comes from the Latin word "avis," while others think that it is a shortened form of Chava, which means "living one" or "life," and is the Hebrew version of Eve. The name Ava become popular from the actress Ava Gardner.