What Are the Meanings of Some Arabic Names?

What Are the Meanings of Some Arabic Names?

Many popular Arabic names have religious meanings. Mohammed is the most popular name for Arab boys. Mohammed is the main prophet of the Muslim faith, and the name means "a person with many virtues," according to BabyCenter.in. Mariam, after the mother of Jesus Christ, is the most popular girls name.

Omar is the second most popular name for Arab boys. It means "life" or "long-living." Ahmed, meaning "praiseworthy," Adam, after the first human in Judeo-Christian religions, and Ali, or "sublime, exalted," are the next most popular names for Arab boys.

Other popular names for Arab girls in 2013 were Jana, meaning "gift from God," Malak, meaning "angel," and Nour, meaning "light."

Youssef means "influential" or "powerful." It is also the name of a major prophet in all of the Judeo-Christian religions. Abdul Rahman and Abdullah are also very popular boys names. Abdul Rahman means worshipper of God, and Abdullah means servant of God.

Most of the popular boys names are related to Islam or other Judeo-Christian religions, but several of the most popular girls names have different meanings. Lian means "soft and tender." Joury means "the red rose," and Mayar means the sun's reflection on the moon, or a person who brings welfare.