What Is the Meaning of the Word "tort"?


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A tort is a civil wrong that can be righted or rectified by awarding damages. Torts are civil wrongs recognized by law as the groundwork for lawsuits.

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A tort must have resulted in an injury or harm suitable for the basis of a claim by the injured or harmed. Although some torts may be punishable by imprisonment, the main goal of tort law is to remedy the damages incurred and deter others from performing the same harms in the future. The injured person may sue to prevent the tort from occurring or for monetary damages. A tort may be intentional. A tort may also be negligent, such as causing an accident by failing to obey traffic rules. Damages may be considered strict liability torts if defective products were created and sold. Other specific torts include trespass, assault, battery, negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

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