How Do You Find the Meaning of Rare Names?

Find the meaning of rare names at sites such as Behind the Name,, BabyCenter and Belly Ballot. These sites offer extensive databases of names along with meanings, origins and history.

Behind the Name allows users to search for names or browse alphabetical listings. The site also features listings for masculine and feminine names and names of particular national origins, including English, Irish, French, German and Italian. The site focuses primarily on first names but also includes listings for surnames. features listings for over 45,000 names, allowing users to search alphabetically or by national origin. The site also allows users to perform reverse name searches, finding names that express certain meanings, such as strength, nobility, trustworthiness and beauty. Clicking on a name, users can read a brief description of its meaning, common gender use and origins.

Although BabyCenter functions more as a baby name site, it provides information on rare name meanings. The site does not keep alphabetical listings, but users can search for names using the main search box. The site also offers an advanced filtering feature to display only unique names. Users can filter names by origin, phonetic sounds and number of syllables.

Belly Ballot is another baby name site that provides information on rare names. Users can search for specific names or browse alphabetical listings. The site offers information on name meanings and history, along with the meanings of specific root words within names.