How Do You Find the Meaning of Names?


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To find the meaning of names, type any name into an online database of name meanings. Names.org, BehindtheName.com and Meaning-of-Names.com are a few examples. There are also books of names that give the meaning of thousands of first names and surnames.

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"The Name Book" by Dorothy Astoria and "100,000 Baby Names" by Bruce Lansky are print sources of names and their meanings. The Astoria and Lansky books are available in paperback and Kindle editions on Amazon.com as of 2015.

Type any name into the search field on Names.org to use the website features. Names.org gives the meaning of name, its pronunciation, statistics about its popularity in the United States and a map of the geographical locations where the name is most popular. There is Census Bureau information concerning the number of people who share a given name as well a name's origin, meaning and a list of famous people with the name.

BehindtheName.com also gives meanings of names, popularity, history, related names and variations in other languages and countries. The popularity scale gives the rank of names according to babies born in the country where the name originated.

BehindtheName.com and Meaning-of-Names.com each allow you to enter any name into a search field to discover its meaning. Meaning-of-Names.com offers an English translation of the name, its history and origin.

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