How Do You Find the Meaning of Your Name?


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To find the meaning of your name, visit BehindTheName.com or EtymOnline.com. Both sites offer the origin and meaning of names available within a large directory. Names.org is an interactive site that provides simplified information about names as well.

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Visit BehindTheName.com, and type a name in the search bar located on the homepage, or click on the letter that is associated with the beginning of a name. The site provides information on the meaning and detailed history of a name in addition to the gender, pronunciation and the language in which the name is used. Additional information that is offered includes variants of the name, diminutives, popularity rankings according to country, and versions of the same name written in other languages.

To search for a name meaning on EtymOnline.com, type a name in the search bar or browse through names listed under a particular alphabetical letter. Though not as extensive as BehindTheName.com, the site provides a brief history and language origin of a name. Information also includes associated nicknames and name variations. EtymOnline.com boasts a large directory of names, words and phrases, so users of the site are not limited to a specific category.

Visit Names.org, and type a name in the search bar. The site lists the language origin, meaning and popularity ranking of a name. A popularity chart also shows when the name was used the most over the last 100 years.

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