What Is the Meaning of Different Words in Teluga?


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"Namask?r?m" is a word in Teluga, or Telugu, that means "hello." When departing, a person might say "veedkolu," meaning "goodbye." For a morning greeting, "shubhodayam" is appropriate, and "shubha dhina?" is acceptable in the afternoon. "Namask?r?m" is the word one might use to greet someone in the evening.

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"Namaste" is a popular way to greet someone. "Mee paeraema?di?" is how one would ask "what's your name?". "Mimmalni kalavada? chaalaa sa?thoasha?gaa u?dhi" expresses the pleasure felt upon meeting someone.

"Shubha aaroagya?" is a way to say "cheers" during a toast. Other useful sayings are "kshami?cha?di," meaning "excuse me," and "maa kshamaapanalu," meaning "sorry." "Dhanyavaadhamulu" expresses gratitude.

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