What Does It Mean to Be BeanBoozled?


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Being BeanBoozled occurs when an individual eats a jelly bean and gets a weird flavor instead of a delicious one, despite both jelly bean flavors having identical appearances. The term was coined by Jelly Belly brand to describe its BeanBoozled line of jelly bean products.

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An example of a BeanBoozled style jelly bean pairing is Berry Blue and Toothpaste. Both jelly beans have the same blue color, but one of the beans taste like berries, while the other tastes like toothpaste. Other BeanBoozled jelly bean pairings include Moldy Cheese and Caramel Corn, Booger and Juicy Pear, or Baby Wipes and Coconut. BeanBoozled jelly beans are available through Amazon.com or JellyBelly.com.

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