What Is the McGraw Hill Connect Platform?

McGraw-Hill Connect, a service of McGraw-Hill Education, is a digital instructional and educational platform designed to incorporate all available coursework management systems with seamless ease and effectiveness into an all-around online learning environment. Built-in tutorials, customized tips and live online assistance from teaching colleagues and educational specialists combine in Connect to create a dynamic learning landscape that boasts increased student involvement, more efficient time management practices and improved performance overall.

McGraw-Hill Connect promises a personalized education experience that pledges to provide students with the right tools at precisely the right time.

Aspects of Connect include individualized, high-intensity study sessions with an emphasis on project deadlines, assignment instructions and task prioritization. The platform also features interactive teaching elements that utilize adaptive technologies such as SmartBook and LearnSmart Advantage, which respond in real time to student strengths and weaknesses (even while offline), allowing increased focus on those areas most in need of attention and less emphasis on sections already mastered.

Connect offers always-accessible class work components such as lectures, homework assignments, quizzes, essays and tests. Instructors can include customizable feedback for students, as well as ongoing, integrated instructor notes and unique learning analytics that provide actionable performance assessments upon request. Connect is a wholly integrated web-based learning world which, McGraw-Hill claims, means marked improvements across a variety of critical outcomes.