What Are Some Math Word Problems for 8th Grade?

What Are Some Math Word Problems for 8th Grade?

One example is the following: If two hockey pucks and three hockey sticks cost $23, while five pucks and one stick cost $20, how much does one puck cost? The answer is $3.50.

Eight grade students typically study basic math, measurement, geometry, algebra and probability. One example of a math measurement problem is the following: If it takes eight apples to make 1 quart of applesauce, how many apples does it take to make 3 gallons? The answer is 96 apples.

One example of a word problem for algebraic equations is to ask students to create an equation for the following: Four times the number of coins in a jar plus an additional five is 29. The answer is 4n + 5 = 29.

Students should also be able to solve problems related to area, such as the following: Workers excavate a yard to build a pool to the dimensions 42 feet by 29 feet by 8 feet. A truck holds 4.53 feet squared. How many truckloads does the excavated earth necessitate? The answer is 2,166.

Students learn how to predict outcomes based on given information. A word problem for this is the following: If a box contains one blue marble, two red, three white and four green, what is the probability of drawing first a blue then a green marble? The answer is a four out of nine chance.