What Is the Math-U-See Curriculum?


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Math-U-See is a product of Demme Learning that primarily aims at providing a preschool to high school math curriculum for homeschooling families and small learning groups. Individual components include Primer for preschool children, Alpha, Beta, Algebra I and II, and Geometry. Math-U-See uses digital lessons and workbooks to teach content.

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Primer is the first Math-U-See collection that corresponds to a student's grade level. It teaches the most fundamental math skills to preschool children in a way that does not require mastery of the topic but gets their minds to start thinking mathematically.

Alpha is the foundational elementary component. The program includes basic addition and subtraction, place value, telling and writing time, and other basic measurements. Beta builds on the skills learned in Alpha by introducing students to double-digit addition and subtraction.

High school level material includes Algebra I and II and Geometry. Algebra I covers the distributive property, Cartesian coordinates, order of operations, graphing parallel lines and the equation of a line. Algebra II teaches rational expressions, scientific notation, factoring polynomials, imaginary and complex numbers, and conjugate numbers. Geometry includes the different types of angles, planes and sets, perimeter and area, and parallel and perpendicular lines with midpoints and bisectors.

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