What Are Some Math Problems for 6th Grade?


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Math problems for 6th grade include calculating surface area of cubes and rectangular prisms, solving area and circumference of a circle and area of triangles. Parallelograms, trapezoids and triangle angles are also math problems for the grade. Others are ordering fractions, integers, estimating angles, factors and multiples, proportions, review of prime and composite numbers, calculating least common multiples, comparing rational numbers, subtracting integers, adding numbers and solving algebraic equations.

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What Are Some Math Problems for 6th Grade?
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Some math word problems include: If a car travels 117 miles in 2.25 hours, what’s its average speed? Given 15 yards of ribbon for use on 20 gift boxes, how much ribbon will each box get? Fifteen percent of the number of people in a concert showed up late. If 30 people arrived late, how many people attended the concert?

Jane earns $75 an hour. John earns 20 percent more money than Jane. How much money does John earn in an hour?

It takes six blocks to build a three-step staircase. How many blocks will be needed to build 11 steps? There is half a pizza left in the fridge. If Andy ate one-third of it, what fraction of the original pizza is left in the fridge?

Sixth graders can also be tested on statistics and probability.

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