What Are Some Math Practice Workbooks by Harcourt?

What Are Some Math Practice Workbooks by Harcourt?

Three math practice workbooks offered by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt are Math in Focus, Math Expressions and On Core Mathematics. Each book is designed to help students build skills and conceptual understanding in accordance with grade level, classroom need and learning style.

Math in Focus takes a problem-based approach to instruction using a concrete-to-pictorial-to-abstract progression. It includes visualization strategies such as model drawing to help students master more complex problems, and number bond models to enhance mental math, number sense and computation instruction.

The workbook offers students who need more time to master new skills additional exposure to math concepts. The activity book represents authentic Singapore math, drawing on practices from around the world and highlighting problem solving as a means to teach mathematics.

The Math Expressions activity book offers a National Science Foundation-funded curriculum for grades one through six. It combines elements of reform mathematics with traditional approaches to help students construct mathematical concepts that make sense to them.

On Core Mathematics is designed to transition students to the Common Core State Standards. It also addresses the Standards for Mathematical Practice. It uses real-world applications to help students deepen their understanding of critical math concepts so they are able to, not only solve problems, but explain them as well.