How Does Math Magic For Kids Work?


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"Math Magic for Your Kids" works by providing fun and engaging games and tricks to help children develop a positive attitude about numbers. This book contains a variety of exercises to assist children and their parents with developing a strong math foundation.

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Scott Flansburg originally wrote "Math Magic" to help adults who struggled with math concepts. In 1998 he aimed for a younger demographic by writing "Math Magic for Kids." At 360 pages, this book has hundreds of exercises designed to make math fun. There are counting exercises to teach addition and subtraction, writing activities, riddles and puzzles to help with logic skills, and games and drills to teach multiplication and division. The book is organized chronologically, addressing each number individually from one to 12, while using cartoons to be more appealing for children.

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona and known as "The Human Calculator," Scott Flansburg has been helping adults and children to feel confident with their math skills for over 20 years. His credentials include holding the Guinness World Record for adding the same number to itself more times in 15 seconds than a person with a calculator can, and appearing on numerous talk shows to promote the idea that math can be fun.

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