What Are Some Math Games for 1st Graders?

There are several math games available for first graders, such as dice and card games, that help kids build important concepts. The card game "speed racers" helps children to identify odd and even numbers. Two opponents take turns sorting a deck of cards into odd and even piles with the fastest sorter winning.

"Subtraction salute" is played with a deck of cards and teaches subtraction and addition skills. There needs to be three players: two soldiers and one general. The deck is divided in two, with half going to each soldier. The soldiers lay the cards face down. Without looking they take the top card and place it facing out on their foreheads. The general adds the two cards together and calls out the number. Then the soldiers look at the card the other soldier is holding and subtract his opponent's card from the sum to figure out the value of his own card. Whoever shouts out the value of his card first wins.

"Number sense" is a game that helps first graders to understand the math concepts of greater than and less than. Children roll two dice, add the two dice together and write the number sentence down. The child who roles the highest sum wins.