What Are Some Math Assignments for 5th Grade?

Math assignments for a fifth-grade class may involve problems concerning fractions, multiplication, division, place value and rounding, decimals, fraction conversion, measurements and word problems. These subjects are appropriate for the grade level, according to K5Learning.com.

Fraction assignments may include adding, subtracting, dividing or multiplying fractions as well as converting from a fraction to a mixed or improper fraction. Other fraction subtopics include simplifying, ordering and comparing them.

Place values are another common subject in fifth-grade math and involve determining the significance of a digit in a number. A typical assignment may involve either converting between place values or finding a missing place value for a number.

Fifth-grade word problems usually focus on finding the solution to a multi-step problem, as noted by IXL.com. Others may require the use of a Venn diagram.

Other topics covered in a fifth-grade math class include measurements, geometry and statistics. Geometry problems may involve classifying quadrilaterals, differentiating between two-dimensional and three-dimensional figures and finding perimeters of simple shapes, such as a triangle or square, while measurements may involve comparing different units of length or weight in either the metric or the customary systems. Statistics problems may focus on calculating mean, mode and range of a set of data points.