What Are Some Math Activities for Middle-School Children?


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One math activity for middle-school children is Algebra Tic-Tac-Toe. Another fun game for this age group is Graphing Battleship. Each game represents an opportunity to make learning math more fun.

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For Algebra Tic-Tac-Toe, children draw a nine-square grid on nine sheets of white paper and then arrange the sheets into a three-by-three grid with the grids themselves facing up. Next, the teacher or parent fills each square with a different algebraic equation for the student to solve. Students then take turns in pairs attempting to answer the equations. The students place an X or an O on squares they successfully solve, and if they win on one of the sheets, they turn it over and mark either X or O on the back. The first student to win three sheets in a row wins the game.

Graphing Battleship begins with the student drawing a 10-by-10 grid of boxes on four sheets of graphing paper. Next, the student draws X and Y axes down the center of each paper, creating four equal quadrants of five-by-five boxes. After numbering the X and Y axis lines, the teacher gives each student two sheets. One represents the student's home base and one represents the "aiming" at the other's battleship.

The students should create five battleships in either vertical or horizontal lines, with one having two dots, two having three dots, one from four dots and one from five dots. Next, students play the game by calling out ordered pairs indicating where they think their opponent's ship is. Players call out when they are hit, and when the last ship is destroyed, that player is defeated.

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