What Materials Are Covered in English Classes for Adults?


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Materials covered in adult English classes include grammar-related concepts, such as adjectives and adverbs, comparatives versus superlatives, conjunctions and future tense. Additionally, these classes also cover material related to vocabulary and word choice.

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While most people typically think of English students as younger in age, many adults also need to learn the language. Concrete lesson plans are readily available for adult English learners to get started with the new language. One area covered by these lessons deals with adjectives and adverbs. Students learn when to use an adjective as opposed to an adverb and vice versa.

Adult English learners also learn about comparative words versus superlative words. The comparatives typically end in "-er" whereas the superlatives generally end in "-est." Conjunctions are other key components of grammar and sentence structure adults need to know. These words serve as connectors, each with a different use.

A critical area for these classes is the concept of verbs. Adult English classes deal with conjugating verbs in different tenses including simple past, present perfect and simple future. Students learn about complex verb forms, such as gerunds and infinitives. Along with grammar, students are also taught about building a strong vocabulary by memorizing words and their uses in sentences.

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