How Do You Get a Master's Degree in Public Administration?


Students can get a master's degree in public administration by applying to a program, completing core classes and taking elective courses. Some schools require program participants to complete an internship.

Penn State requires students to take core courses on research methods, governmental fiscal decision making and organization behavior. The school also requires students to take 15 units of elective courses. Students can take elective courses on police administration, issues in human resources and the politics of terrorism. Students who do not possess at least two years of full time work experience in the field have to complete a three-credit internship.

To get a master’s degree from University of Phoenix, students have to complete at least 36 credits. The school requires students to complete a course on public administration institutions and processes. The course helps students understand the relationship between public administration and the political system in the development and implementation of public policy. Students also have to take a course on law and public administration that covers adjudication, open-meeting and regulatory review.

University of Southern California requires students to take 14 units of required courses, four electives and three management competencies courses. Furthermore, students who do not have at least two years of work experience upon their admissions to the program have to complete an internship. Core courses are on public administration and society, capstone in public administration and intersectoral leadership. The school offers specialization electives in various subject areas including health, local government and nonprofit management.