How Do You Market a Book?

How Do You Market a Book?

To market a book, identify your target audience, and build a platform. Write a pitch for your book, and be prepared to answer questions. Build a buzz around your book. You should also guest post on blogs within your niche, and build an email list.

  1. Identify your market

    Consider who wants to read your type of book. Direct all your marketing efforts to this group.

  2. Build a platform

    Build a platform from which to market your book. This includes creating a website or blog, author pages and social media accounts. Gain a readership by offering content that is useful to your target market.

  3. Create a buzz surrounding your book

    Update followers on your book's progress. Offer excerpts from chapters, or let readers know the types of information found in your book. Hold a contest to give away free copies of your book. This allows readers to anticipate your book's launch and helps them feel like part of the process.

  4. Build an email list

    Offer free products or information for subscribers to your email list. This list provides you with a group of people who are already interested in your topic.

  5. Guest post

    Pitch article ideas to blogs in your niche. Write articles with valuable information related to your book. Include an author bio, links to your website and a photo. Target sites with good traffic to increase your exposure.

  6. Engage your readership

    Respond to comments on your posts, and thank those who leave favorable reviews for your book. Building relationships with readers increases your word-of-mouth sales because they recommend you to others.