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Marcy Mathworks is book publishing company that features “Mathimagination” and three “Punchline” books. Marcy Mathworks is a privately held company founded in Los Angeles, CA by Steve and Janis Marcy in 1999. All books by Marcy Mathworks provide an alternative way for students to grasp math concepts via puzzles.

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The founders of Marcy Mathworks are a married couple with extensive backgrounds in mathematical education; Steve began his teaching career in 1968 and Janis in 1968. Their first book, “Mathimagination”, initially published in 1973 by Creative Publications, used self-correcting puzzles covering middle school math curriculum. The “Pizzazz” series soon followed “Mathimagination” with “Middle School Math with Pizzazz,” “Pre-Algebra with Pizzazz” and Algebra with Pizzazz.”

The second installation of Marcy Mathworks is “Punchline Problem Solving,” which uses middle school-grade puzzles not just for individual practice, but also for group settings. The intention of this book was to serve as a companion for “Middle School Math with Pizzazz.” “Punchline Bridge to Algebra” covers pre-algebra and basic algebra problems. This most recent book offers individual as well as group puzzles that focus on problem solving. “Punchline Algebra” covers most problems found in an Algebra 1 textbook and is also available in an interactive DVD format.

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