How Many Sight Words Are There?


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The number of sight words varies depending on which source list the teacher uses. Some teachers use the Dolch word list, which uses 315 sight words, while others use the Fry list, which contains 1000 words. Some may use a condensed list of the 100 most common sight words.

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The condensed list of 100 sight words contains basic prepositions and conjunctions such as "and," "to," and "in." This list also contains the most common nouns used in reading, such as "mom," "dad," "children" and "house."

The Dolch list, developed in the 1930s, contains 220 important words along with 95 high-frequency nouns that comprise 80 percent of the words used in children's literature. The Dolch list is made for children from pre-kindergarten to third grade. The Fry list, developed in the 1950s, is longer because it is a list of sight words compiled for children from third grade to ninth grade. The Fry list contains 90 percent of the words used in typical adult literature.

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