How Many Sentences Makes a Paragraph?


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A paragraph is typically composed of at least three sentences, and focuses on a single, properly developed idea. It’s characterized by united and coherent units of thoughts that are expressed through related sentences.

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A paragraph has a topic sentence, which conveys the overall idea that the paragraph tackles. The topic sentence is typically placed near the start of the paragraph. Additionally, a paragraph consists of supporting details that expand the main idea. It can also have different points relevant to the general topic.

It is best to start another paragraph when transitioning into a new idea. Details that are too long to add to the paragraph can be made into other paragraphs. Coherence is an important element that makes the information presented in the paragraph easy to digest. A coherent paragraph has logical bridges, which means that the same central thought is passed from one sentence to another, and sentences are written in parallel form. It also has verbal bridges, or key words and synonymous words, that are mentioned in several sentences.

Pronouns are used when referring to nouns in preceding sentences, and transition words are included to connect thoughts from different sentences. To ensure that a paragraph is adequately developed, it helps to add examples and illustrations, to include data, to use an anecdote or to explain terms used in the paragraph.

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