How Many Questions Do I Need to Get Right on the GED Math Test?

According to the GED Testing Service, one must answer 60 to 65 percent of the questions correctly to obtain the minimum passing score of 410. The 2014 test has 50 math questions, so one must answer 30 to 33 math questions correctly.

As of 2014, passing the GED test requires receiving a minimum score of 410 on each of the five sections. According to GED For Dummies, there are two math sections of the GED test; each section has a total of 25 questions, and there are 45 minutes allowed for each section. The GED also requires an overall average score of 450; this means that a total of 2,250 points must be earned across all sections of the GED. The five areas of the test are writing, social studies, science, reading and math.